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Muscato Corporation started in 1986 in the financial services industry. One of the nation’s largest financial institutions selected Muscato Corporation to deliver a customized point-of-sale (POS) solution for public assistance to the poor and needy. The advent of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT, now called SNAP)

Factors such as rising healthcare and administration costs, strong government support and initiatives, growing need for simplification of claims management processing and optimization of revenue cycle management processing has increased the demand for healthcare EDI.

Muscato Corporation provides solutions to support retail IT organizations as they deliver content, products and payment capabilities to their consumers. Chances are when you swipe your payment card, purchase goods and services on-line your transaction will be processed using ENGIN©.

Muscato Corporation are used to offer on-demand, time-definite and day-certain door-to-door express delivery services for documents, parcels and freight to-and-from more than 200 countries. A comprehensive network of depots extends to all countries around the world and operates everywhere with uniform processes and systems.

The telecommunications industry is one of the most performance demanding environments. IT infrastructures within carriers, as well as the global networks themselves, are challenged to serve today’s data requirements. The plethora of mobile devices and their ubiquitous use have reset the expectations of consumers.