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Healthcare Solutions

Companies that rely on data…rely on Muscato Corporation.

Transact. Transmit. Transform.

Healthcare IT organizations rely on data for making critical administrative decisions. Muscato Corporation understands the complexities pervasive in this rapidly changing and ever evolving industry. That’s why Muscato Corporation solutions leverage the strength of EDI and e-commerce standards to deliver robust, real-time and batch solutions that securely connect, manage, transform, route and track healthcare transactions for some of the most highly respected healthcare organizations. healthENGIN was designed by these experts to encompass the proven capabilities of ENGIN© with the industry’s first commercially available HIPAA-compliant all-payer solution.

healthENGIN© Provider Portal. A single vision that provides a secure, cost-effective and simple way to bring new trading partners  to your business.

Total Onboarding with Muscato Corporation healthENGIN Provider Portal, our web-based portal for providers. We were the first to market solutions for HIPAA and 5010 transaction sets. Our clients were amongst the first Medicare Intermediaries to put their HIPAA-compliant systems into production.

Muscato Corporation has been providing leading edge turn-key solutions since 1986 and have become a trusted partner for all of our customers.

Financial Delivery Solutions

The bigger your needs, the more you need Muscato Corporation.

Enterprise Generic Integrator (ENGIN©) has been solving system integration problems for 25+ years. Commerce has expanded over multiple channels, communications and platforms. ENGIN has evolved to meet and exceed these opportunities and in its 6th generation of evolution it continues to get better and stronger. Today, ENGIN processes more transactions daily than all of our competitors combined.

Security Solutions

 “Remember our name. Forget about data problems”.

IntegraShield. The new guard protecting data security.

IntegraShield protects against unauthorized access to your personal data that can lead to significant breaches, distrust of corporate integrity, and financial loss.

Cloud Market Expansion. As the market for cloud-based solutions and interoperability between systems continues to expand, breaches from unauthorized access have continued to grow. Don’t just react to data breaches, eliminate them with IntegraShield. Whether the data is consumer payment accounts, private healthcare information, or privacy centric, IntegraShield is designed to limit and control external access.

IntegraShield’s tamper-proof design prohibits unauthorized access and enables notification of attempted modifications providing a forensic footprint for all transactions within the enterprise.

IntegraShield features:

  • Validates originating client request MAC address to a Shield controlled Access Control List
  • Validates originating client IP address to a Shield controlled IP white table listing
  • Validates public internet address against a Shield controlled blacklist
  • Validates the Shield Client boxes are not tampered or altered
  • Validates security token to eliminate Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks
  • Each Shield Client has a security profile that aids us to prevent fraudulent activity as well as creating predictability results
  • Utilizes 256-bit SSL/TLSv1.2 encryption with a MUSCATO generated public/private certificate
  • Provides a complete set of statistical reporting and a customer specific dashboard for monitoring real-time traffic

Amazingly agile, incredibly simple.

  • Dedicated hardware to control API access
  • Each module uniquely configured to allow only verified external users
  • Small footprint as well as rack mounted option
  • High-performance encryption engine
  • Tamper-proof monitoring
  • Utilizes Intel® Next Unit of Computing (NUC) technology
  • MUSCATO security hardware, software, and firmware

Operational Control and Monitoring. The IntegraShield Dashboard provides data security personnel and CISO’s with a fully-integrated console for monitoring and reporting. With proper credentials, users can access the console from any supported device and browser. Alerts and notifications can be easily customized based on operational requirements. Individual locations or enterprise aggregation of critical usage and security information is right at your fingertips.



  • Transaction Activity Counts
  • IP Address Activity
  • MAC Address Transactions
  • API Call Counts
  • Transaction Response Times
  • Graphical Reports
  • Robust Filtering Capabilities


IntegraShield Dashboard powered by MUSCATO



At MUSCATO, we make data make sense.

MUSCATO has a 30-year history of developing next generation software to successfully provide global systems solutions. MUSCATO is a leading provider to Fortune 500 companies of both software licenses and cloud processing services in the healthcare and financial systems markets. MUSCATO is uniquely qualified to develop solutions that protect against unauthorized access and protect critical data from breaches.

Our tamper resistant hardware, firmware design provides a new approach to external access solutions. MUSCATO is an experienced provider of PCI and HIPAA compliant systems and services and understands the requirements and complexity of authenticating and controlling access to sensitive information. Unauthorized access to payment processing systems and electronic health information are the leading causes of financial fraud and identity theft.

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